Advisory Board

The following distinguished professors have agreed to serve on our Advisory Board:

Howard Bloom Chief Social Scientist, MDRC
Daniel     Bolt Professor, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Douglas Clements Kennedy Endowed Chair of Early Learning and Professor, University of Denver
Robert Crosnoe Professor, Department of Sociology, The University of Texas at Austin
Kenneth Dodge William McDougall Professor of Public Policy and Psychology & Neuroscience, Duke University
Jacquelynne Eccles Distinguished Professor of Education, University of California Irvine
Dale   Farran Professor, Departments of Teaching & Learning and Psychology & Human Development, Vanderbilt University
Daniel Keating Professor of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Pediatrics; Research Professor, Center for Human Growth and Development; Faculty Associate, Survey Research Center, ISR; University of Michigan
Susanna Loeb Professor, Department of Education, Stanford University
Jens   Ludwig McCormick Foundation Professor of Social Service, Law & Public Policy, University of Chicago
Wayne Osgood Professor of Crime, Law, and Justice and Sociology, Pennsylvania State University
Sean Reardon Associate Professor of Education and Sociology, Stanford University
Jeffrey Smith Professor of Economics, University of Michigan